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Back from the FOSDEM2008, day 1

Last weekend, in Brussels, Mozilla was in the FOSDEM2008, an annual conference of open source software. I was there with some members of the NAVE team, the Spanish translation of Mozilla and its products (Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird…), and the add-ons.

There were a lot of interesting people from the Mozilla community and all their conferences were spectacular.

Please, if you want to read the program: here.

Some of these were:

First day:

  1. Sat 14:00-14:45 Mozilla Europe: Tristan Nitot talked us about the foundation in Europe, and the good state of us (the community, of course :P) in the world, and specially in Europe. Gandalf was recently hired by Mozilla Europe greeting his effort to help the communities (work(ed?) in Flock Inc. with l10n proyect). Also talked Mike about the new Firefox3 and the Mozilla 1.9 (actually is the trunk) and some open source projects, like SQLite, Cairo in which Mozilla help in their active development on it. Do you know how Mozilla build the software? With Mac Minis 😛 cooool. (same hardware, different OS: linux, WinXP, Vista, MacOS Tiger, MacOS Leopard…). And Mozilla Mobile too.
  2. Sat 14:45-15:45 Mozilla Labs Weave: Dan Mills talked about Mozilla Labs, and Weave, a program that allows to upload our profile to a Mozilla server and sync it from anywhere. Future: choose what sync, what people do you want to see what, and develop a open server that allows people to install it in their own computer.
  3. Sat 15:45-16:15 Calendar Project: Martin Schröder, Simon Paquet spoke us about Calendar (Sunbird and Lightning) project. There are only 3 people developing it and some contributors. Talk about the future and default integration in Thunderbird 3.
  4. Sat 16:15-16:45 Mozilla Calendar Workshop: Philipp Kewisch, I wasn’t in sauna.mozilla.org (Rediscover the heat, or Take back the heat).
  5. Sat 16:45-17:30 Thunderbird: Chris Hoffman taked about the new foundation: Mozilla Messaging. This foundation will focus on the development of the Thunderbird 3, which was delayed without a date. Like in Calendar Project, he spoke about the integration with Lightning and some ideas to develop (they need to focus in some brilliant ideas, not all). This release will take all Mozilla 1.9 code so SQLite for the searches, Cairo for graphics… A good idea is to integrate in the main program some instant messaging protocols (maybe using libpurple0 from Pidgin) to communicate with online people.
  6. Sat 17:30-18:15 Project SUMO (Firefox Support): David Tenser. This is one of the most interesting conferences in FOSDEM, because I will be the owner of es-ES translation of SUMO. Really, I don’t like SUMO. Sorry David, I will explain it in another post with the benefits of SUMO.
  7. Sat 18:15-19:00 Songbird: Stephen Lau. Since this conference, I love Songbird. Love all. Love the Mashtape extension, love the form of making extensions, love the interface. Love all. Stephen shown us a demo with Arctic Monkeys song (Fake tales of San Francisco)… I will try to change my Winamp 5.35 to the lastest Songbird nightly…

Thanks for reading.

Oh! I forgot, I record all conferences in the Mozilla DevRoom, if you want them (maybe, they could have some noise, so I think only English people could understand them), please, post a comment.

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