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Back from the FOSDEM2008, day 2

Well, this post is the continuation of the latest about FOSDEM2008, where few spanish people went to listen to some Mozilla folks.

The 2nd day began as soon as the sun rises, at 9 o’clock conferences begin…

Sun 09:00-10:30 Extensions Workshop: Mark Finkle and Carsten Book, talk about memory leaks in Firefox and their add-ons. In Firefox 3 it will be less memory leaks because a deep change on the code. (9 out of 10 times, memory leaks (specially Java-script ones) are related to the browser and not to the addon). Talked about not updated extensions to Firefox3, and some test to detect leaks (normally, a leak is caused because DOM objects are not deleted when we deleted the window that is attach to it). Later, Pascal Chevrel and Mic spoke about new l10n program, with a redesign of the mozilla.com webpage to update to the Firefox 3 release and some other things. Really, not to much to say here.

Sun 10:30-11:15 EU Community Survey: Stanislaw Malolepszy, Seth Bindernagel, Pascal Chevrel about the community surveis that in later 2007 took place in mozilla.com website. There are LOT OF TIPS to upgrade our community (spanish people want all support).

Sun 11:15-12:15 Miro: Holmes Wilson show us Miro application, build on the top of Mozilla and simply is: Television over the Internet. Download a lot of HD videos, sync with gadgets.

Sun 14:00-15:00 Community Project Organisation and Seamonkey 2Robert Kaiser talked about Seamonkey 2. Build with the 1.9 Mozilla trunk. Seamonkey is an 80% of personal effort of Robert Kaiser. He has grown up an obsolete project by Mozilla («its imposible to maintain that») and he is adapting to the new necesities of the community and people. He said that is a little bit terrible to organizate a community, because «someone do what he/she/it [yes, a monkey, who cares?] want» and there is no milestones to release new versions. Some tips of the people who heard him. Mozilla please, support him.

Sun 15:00-16:00 Mozilla Mobile: Christian Sejersen told us about the «new firefox mobile». Build on the top of Gecko 1.9, could be executed on Windows mobile platforms (maybe Symbian too). We could have a release later this year, maybe no.

Sun 16:45-17:45 Electronic Ombuds: Firefighting in Online Communities: Zak Greant, firefighting in mail-list. So for people who have forums (as gandalf said) his conference was… insubstantial.

And that’s all. Thanks!!

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