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EBE: Evento Blog España, Mozilla-Hispano will go

Hi all!

This weekend there is a meeting in Sevilla, Spain about blogging, bloggers and Internet in general. It is called EBE (Evento Blog España) and around 900 people will come to Sevilla to participate on that.

Nukeador, Dukebody and me, all members of Mozilla-Hispano community and Proyecto NAVE, have been invited to stay there, maybe not for our blogs (who knows this blog?) but sure for our implication on the open Web and open standars.

It is a unique opportunity to met a lot of known people of the Spanish Blogosphere and talk with them about Mozilla, and how we can help them to use Firefox, Thunderbird and take a lot of feedback to improve our market-share in Spain.

As Choffman told to Nukeador, we are going to play some games to spread the word of Firefox and Mozilla and share our knowledge about Mozilla and its products as well as take a lot of impressions.

And maybe we can steal some souls to help us in our projects 😀

Wish us good luck 😛

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