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How do you feel working on Mozilla?

Yesterday I read a post in KaiRo’s blog about how does it feel about working in Mozilla. Today I have received an email from Ricardo (Seamonkey rules, isn’t it?) talking about these post and some more reflections about that.

Regarding the post, I could say I’m not as involucred as KaiRo in Mozilla project, I’m only a localizer and mini-writer of documetation in Spanish, when I could, I help in Mozilla Hispano and doing some QA in Mozilla-based software.

So, I only do Mozilla things when I want. I have no one with a gun behind my head forcing me to do some work I don’t want. I mean, KaiRo left his job because he could with the donations to him from Seamonkey entusiausts. I cannot (obviously :P).

I think that you aren’t be able to work when you are feeling bad or depressed, or burned, like KaiRo said.

So, take a time, and get back with enormous strength!

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