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Thanks Mozilla!!

I was at the Mozilla Summit 2008, in Whistler, BC, Canadá.

And it was amazing. I met people that I only knew as a nickname, and it is very funny that *a lot* of people related to Mozilla (Mozilla employees) speak spanish, or at least, try to.

So, thank you Mozilla for this Summit, despite rock slides, power outages, bears and snow the 31 of July, it was so perfect.

Thanks to Dan Portillo, who worked very hard on the Summit for above problems.

Oh, i forget, the nice 8h trip from Whistler to Vancouver via Lillooet was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I’ve never seen a landscape like that!!

It could be a risky thing, but… please, more Summits on Whistler 😉

I’m going to stay the whole month in Vancouver, so I think i will post more about that. And I dunno if i will have WiFi on the hotel nor the students center, so maybe i will answer emails a little bit later…

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