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Using Mercurial for l10n progress

First of all, I use Mercurial because of the change of many Mozilla products to this VCS. But I think that for localizers is enought to have CVS. Why? Because usually we are one or two different people with CVS access and more usually localizers only touch a part of his l10n. For example, in the es-ES team we are two members with access to Mozilla’s repository: Ricardo and me.

I should only commit to the browser directory and Ricardo to the rest: toolkit, mailnews, calendar… So we shouldn’t touch anything beyond our rights. For this kind of job where only one person work with a directory, CVS is enough.

But if you want to play with more people in the same directory, sharing your progress with them but without crashing the main development trunk, hg is for you.

The first thing I did with Mercurial was configure all my system, download the whole mozilla-central repository (because hg doesn’t allow partial checkouts yet) and download the es-ES directory on l10n-central.

It was no so painful but a bit slower since the main mozilla-central repository is around 300mb. And the following action was try to make Mozilla Translator work.

And I had no luck because there are too much garbage for localizers in the mozilla-central repository. So I do my first change to es-ES without protection, with Gnome editor.

Then my first commit and push:

hg diff
hg commit -m «Some stupiid message to impress myself»
hg push

And now see if my changes broke something.

It didn’t broke anything but there were missing some strings. New local changes and commit and push again.

After some days playing with hg on my machine I want to say that is easy to use if you know how, but there are different CSV because there are different pros and cons to anyone.

And now waiting for how to work with Mozilla Translator in Mercurial. Ricardo has some tips but I need to test myself.

Kind regards and enjoy Tracemonkey!

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