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Will be Mozilla 1.9 codebase *only* a Firefox release?

It seems that the million-dollar question has a answer: «yes».

Watch the past and the present.

1.7 code -> Firefox 1 and Thunderbird 1.

1.8.0 code -> Firefox 1.5 and Thunderbird 1.5. (sunbird o.5?)

1.8.1 code -> Firefox 2 and Thunderbird 2. (and sunbird 0.7-0.8?)

So… 1.9 -> Firefox 3. Only.

There is an interesting disscussion in m.d.platform about that. KaiRo opened the pandora’s box 😛

I support Simon Paquet, another topic in m.d.l10n, about /l10n frozen for Ffb5.

Mozilla, don’t do that, please.

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