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Firefox Talk and Hackday in Málaga

Last 19th of March, I went to Málaga to talk about Mozilla, FirefoxOS and the web with my colleague from Mozilla Hispano David Bengoa (who is from Málaga, but it’s in UK with an Erasmus).


In the morning, we had the talk where we explained what is Mozilla, our values, what we have done in the past, and what are we doing right know, with emphasis in the history of Internet browsers and how we can achieve a 30% of marketshare thanks to the awesome work of thousands of contributors.

Also, we shown different projects Mozilla has, like FirefoxOS, all about Labs (with asm.js and new JavaScript features) and more stuff, like WebAPIs, presented by David.

887138_4207373477582_604970753_o 1

And, of course, we gave some swag!! 😀


And in the evening we had a 2 hours hack with people that mostly did not know about HTML5 or JavaScript, so we did a quick and small demo on the capabilities of the web friends and show some demos about it.

It was fun!

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