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A new project: XulTitles!

Hi guys! (post intended to Mozilla Planet Education 😉 )

A lot time since last blogging, but now I’m exam-free, yay!

But let me explain: from 13 to 17 of July, I went to the Mozilla Madrid Technologies Course (MMTC from now), where Pascal, Vivien and Paul explain us how to use Mozilla technologies, how to create an extension, how Gecko works and all mozilla related stuff that they could show us. (see Paul’s blogpost)

So, then we need to have a project to work on. We can choose what to do (extensions, documentation, Firefox or Fennec…), and there is a lot of nice projects (see the list).

In my case I have decided to work on a XulRunner app to create and edit subtitles with openvideo (do we love OGG/Theora, don’t we?) and right now I’m prototyping the functions and what and how to do in my app and a basic UI.

So in the next weeks I’m going to blog more often, writing about the progress I have done, I’m also crossposting to the Planet that Pascal has open to centralize all our work.

Have a nice summer!

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