Localizing Firefox 3

Well, since I saw a post of sethb about translating and localizing Firefox, I’m trying to do some post about my experience with that case, but with exams, some work and more things, I will post this today 😉

My experience (it’s a person inside of me) says me that it he/she/it hasn’t worked too much… I began with a existing Firefox 2 translation (I don’t remember if it was only a 2.0.0.x translation or a 2.+ translation (on the trunk)), but it was easy to continue. Ricardo Palomares (owner of the es-ES team, and admin of www.proyectonave.es, and translator of Sunbird, and Thunderbird…) helped me with my environment, and it was really really easy to continue his job.

I use Mozilla Translator. Why? It’s simple, easy and has a good UI to manage all things I need, and, of course, because last translator of Firefox es-ES used it.

We use some bash scripts to do the work: one for checking out en-US files (or update), another with my CVS account to check out es-ES files and another to open MT with appropriate settings.

Once it’s opened, press Ctrl+U and you will see new strings to be translated, or modified, or something… Finish the translation and… Export to CVS!! Check in your changes and… that’s it!! You will have a nice build in a few minutes

And that works.

I see people complain about MT and a little problems with that, but if you set a good enviroment and check all things, you will have a nice tool (mmmm, maybe a wiki page?? [wait, writing down on my hand], oook).

The thing is: if you work along the timeline, you will have a nice and near-0-errors final build in your own language. Obviously, you have to translate, but always localize, so, it might be difficult to find a search engine for your region, or a dictionary, or ebay in your language… And protocols-handler too!! (what a headache!!). We decided to keep the same newsfeed (20minutos.es), a free and Creative Commons diary daily, so less things to think about.

The next thing is fix some bad translated strings and check in in the «trunk».

Next-next thing: mozilla-central!! (cvs, bazar, svn, hg!!!)