willyaranda. Status report

Do you know SUMO? Ok, that question is easy to answer, but do you know SumoMo (SUMO for Mobile? Nope? Oh, poor you! (seriously, Firefox for Mobile is awesome! And its market will grow exponentially in the next months thanks of the future releases for Android and Windows Mobile)

So maybe you haven’t heard before about SuMoMo, right? And what’s is this site about? Thunderbird support!

I’m actually coordinating the localization to Spanish (a generic one, which tries to include all es-* variants). It’s a giant effort, and we’re focusing on translate all support for Fennec (Firefox Mobile, finished) and Thunderbird (waiting for review some articles, ping myself), and the most useful articles for Firefox (>0,5% of interest).

Maybe for some of you that your native language is English you don’t see this effort but I can assure that it’s incredibly hard to sync all articles to English the way we do it.

At this point I want to give a huge thanks to Pedro (breaking_pitt on IRC and SUMO*) for his insatiable work with the articles. Withour his job we’ll be at a minimums levels.

Anyway it’s awesome that our contributions could reach thousands of people every month. And for me, that’s the better thing I can expect.

Localizing Firefox 3

Well, since I saw a post of sethb about translating and localizing Firefox, I’m trying to do some post about my experience with that case, but with exams, some work and more things, I will post this today 😉

My experience (it’s a person inside of me) says me that it he/she/it hasn’t worked too much… I began with a existing Firefox 2 translation (I don’t remember if it was only a 2.0.0.x translation or a 2.+ translation (on the trunk)), but it was easy to continue. Ricardo Palomares (owner of the es-ES team, and admin of www.proyectonave.es, and translator of Sunbird, and Thunderbird…) helped me with my environment, and it was really really easy to continue his job.

I use Mozilla Translator. Why? It’s simple, easy and has a good UI to manage all things I need, and, of course, because last translator of Firefox es-ES used it.

We use some bash scripts to do the work: one for checking out en-US files (or update), another with my CVS account to check out es-ES files and another to open MT with appropriate settings.

Once it’s opened, press Ctrl+U and you will see new strings to be translated, or modified, or something… Finish the translation and… Export to CVS!! Check in your changes and… that’s it!! You will have a nice build in a few minutes

And that works.

I see people complain about MT and a little problems with that, but if you set a good enviroment and check all things, you will have a nice tool (mmmm, maybe a wiki page?? [wait, writing down on my hand], oook).

The thing is: if you work along the timeline, you will have a nice and near-0-errors final build in your own language. Obviously, you have to translate, but always localize, so, it might be difficult to find a search engine for your region, or a dictionary, or ebay in your language… And protocols-handler too!! (what a headache!!). We decided to keep the same newsfeed (20minutos.es), a free and Creative Commons diary daily, so less things to think about.

The next thing is fix some bad translated strings and check in in the «trunk».

Next-next thing: mozilla-central!! (cvs, bazar, svn, hg!!!)