XulTitles! update

Since my last blog post 8 days ago, I have been investigating on how will be the UI (wow, UI designers have a privileged mind!) and basic tests with JavaScript and DOM manipulation as improving my knowledge of these two technologies.

And I think it’s time not to say how is going my project, instead I prefer to share various things about the development.

Since I’m developing a XULrunner application, maybe some things don’t fit for you, but anyway, some tips:

I’m using MacOS X, and there is a problem while running XULrunner app without installation, since if you try to write in a textbox the text that you entered will be displayed on the system console (Terminal) instead in the selected/focused textbox, so I’m using Firefox 3.5 as it is capable of running standalone applications, so to have an easy shortcut to open the project, I have added this line to my



alias xulSub="/Applications/Firefox.app/Contents/MacOS/firefox -app /Users/willyaranda/mozilla/mmtc/xulsubtitleeditor/application.ini -jsconsole"

and when I need to open the project:


and I’m done!

And the bolded argument: -jsconsole . It is a great way to show the Error Console to view Javascript errors, messages, alerts, XUL problems and any kind of debug information we need to know.

And about messages. I have been reading some ways to log messages to the Error Console, but the nice way (thanks FUEL!) is to put on Javascript files:

Application.console.log("foo" + barVariable);

And you will get a message!! Nice, isn’t it?

And just for you, a little screenshot! 😀 (comments welcomed) (the code is HERE)